Bonfire Night Wedding

Bonfire Night Wedding Tips

Top Tips To Make The Most Of Your Bonfire Night Wedding

With bonfire night this weekend I thought I would share some of my favourite ways to incorporate the bonfire night tradition into your bonfire night wedding day. These ideas are not just restricted to bonfire night though, and would work well at any Autumn or Winter wedding.

Toffee Apple Wedding Favours

Toffee apples are one of the most important traditions on any bonfire night. You can easily include these yummy tasty delights in your bonfire wedding night which will be appealing to your guests. You could create a DIY toffee apple bar filled with some lollipop sticks, apples and toffee sauces. Or you could use ready-made toffee apples for your wedding favours as this could be easier than DIY toffee apples. Just put the toffee apples in each place and with a name tag or message and a cute ribbon around it.

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Toasting Marshmallows

One of the must-haves for a bonfire night wedding are the marshmallows. If your venue allows, you could set up a fire pit and offer your guests marshmallows to toast on the fire. Also, you can even make an alluring smores station just behind the fire pit as an option to a dessert table. This will make your bonfire night more awesome.

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Build A Bonfire

If you want to go bigger than a fire pit, have you ever considered having a bonfire? In keeping with the Guy Fawkes tradition, build a bonfire ready to be set alight as the wedding parties on into the night. When it comes to fire-related activities, it’s always best to double-check whether your venue can accommodate it.

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If your venue doesn’t permit fireworks then sparklers could be a great alternative. You could try writing your name or a word with them and ask your photographer to capture the moment. Or another great way to use sparklers is at the end of the evening when you could gather all your guests and ask them to light a path for you to both walk down. Remember to plan the details with sparklers … space, time and plenty of matches!

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Finish It With Fireworks

The last step to make your wedding spectacular is to wrap it up with great bonfire night firework display. If this is something you would want to do then make sure your venue allows fireworks before you book your date. If the loud bangs aren’t your cup of tea then consider a quiet firework display. These displays focus more on visual colours and effects instead of noice. Much kinder to animals as well as young and elderly guests. Fireworks are beautiful, everybody will be happy to see them, and it is a special way to end your day, and your guests will be impressed.

If you want help making any of these ideas a reality then get in touch to find out more about our bespoke planning services. 

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